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Pastor's Update

As you have probably heard, the governor of Ohio is extending the “Stay At Home Order.” Under the “stay at home order” no groups of any size are supposed to be meeting. We know this will come to an end at some point and we ask for your prayer that God would give us wisdom on how to reopen in person worship. We will have more information for you soon. Let’s pray for one another, encourage one another, and love one another as we go through this together.

I am thankful for the technology improvements that have been made, and these efforts have been helpful in keeping people connected to the church’s ministry during this challenging time. We hope you will take advantage of the new opportunities to be involved in Bible study on Wednesday nights at 7 and learning from God’s Word on Sunday’s at 10am. There are opportunities for teens and children online through the church’s youtube page. I want to encourage you visit our youtube page to see what is available.

We will begin a new sermon series this Sunday May 3 titled, “Unchanged.” The specific messages in this series will be:
May 3 – God and Coronavirus: Is This A Sign Of The End Times
May 10 – The Unchanging God – In A Changing World
May 17 – The Unchanging Word – In A Changing World
May 24 – The Christian’s Unchanged Calling – In A Changing World
May 31 – The Church’s Unchanged Message – In A Changing World

During this time please be praying for one another and seeking ways to help one another. Remember that while we are not able to worship in the same building, we are still able to worship together online. Psalm 91:14 – The Lord says, “I will rescue those who love Me. I will protect those who trust in My name.”


Pastor Brent

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